The year 1960, incorporation, etc… members etc.

This club was formed in 1959.

This is a group of dedicated men and women whose sole purpose is to help promote this particular sporting breed. The Club welcomes all recognized pointing breeds, provides opportunities for owners to advance their skills, training during the summer months, and conducts club and AFK/AF events throughout the year. We are located in Boise, Idaho and with members throughout Idaho and Eastern Oregon.

The Club established an award for the German Shorthair Dog of the Year based upon three disciplines, namely, fieldwork, show performance, and water work. To win, one must excel in two disciplines with the highest score. For the years when no award is given, we assume that no dog was presented for the award. The winners are listed hereafter for the succeeding years. A traveling trophy awaits the annual winner.  The Club established annual awards for “member of the year”, for the annual shooter of the year in the trap/clay shoot, and the annual water retrieve winner. Some of these follow.

MEMBER OF THE YEAR: Carolyn Stevens (5 times), Gary Stevens, Darwin Field, Deana Ashley, Ron Rainey, Jim Reed, Robert Hall, Pat Cross, Mike Kendall, Al Sartini, Phil Vadeboncouer (2), Linda Randolph, Gary Moen, Steve Ryals (2), Mike Okamura, Rich Denker, Jon Young, Bret Webb,Rick Dodge, Dick Wilson and Dean Crabbs.

SHOOTER: Phil White, Gary Stevens (4) Joe Luque, Jim Reed,  Paul Ashley (3), Mike Kendall (2), Gary Moen (2), Dave McGinnis, Leo Cloyd, Tim Ault (4), Mike Okamura, Kevin Mehrhoff, Gary Welch, Fred Bruneel (2), Rod Randolph, Joe Naclerio (2), Dave Amick, Keith Kehler (2), Kevin Rush, Andy Borrowman, Ja Hymer, and Dean Crabbs.

WATER RETRIEVE: The shooting is held annually with the water retrieving competition. The retrieve winners for 2008 are Brett Webb, Steve Teeter (2) and Doug Bashford (2).

CHUKARORAMA: This is a mini shoot-to-retrieve competition, held annually. The winners for 2008 are Ken Barber and Gary Moen.

HUNT TESTS:  The Club holds training sessions during the spring and summer since 1983 and intramural unlicensed hunting tests. Winners are Gary Moen (9), Ja Hymer, Kevin Keyt, Stefan Hymer, Pat O’Kief (5), Gary Madsen, Brett Webb (4), Blake Tompkins, Phil Vadeboncoeur (2), Mark Josephsen, Ron Zagorski (2), Dave Amick (3), Ken Barber, Mike Okamura, Ron Hendershot, Greg Thomas, Ray Price; many others participated in this function. This is an excellent training opportunity for those with dogs of all ages, but particularly the younger ones, and for the owners/handler/s to become more conversant with the instincts and abilities of the versatile pointing dog. Long time mentors is this function are Mike Okamura, Dave Amick, Gary Moen, and Jon Young. Workers here and at other field functions are Rod Randolph, Gary Stevens, Carolyn Stevens, Linda Randolph, Rich Denker, Jim Reed, George Wilson, Dick Wilson, Rich Remington, Pat O’Kief, Nate Crofts, Pat O’Kief, Ann Young, Rick and Linda Dodge and numerous other members.

In the past, the Club sponsored and outfitted a booth for one week in August at the Idaho State Fair. On display were dogs, dog food, signage and information for perusal by the fair attendees. In conjunction with this, the Club held a shot gun raffle

Abbreviations should be noted in the field trial titles from the American Kennel Club (AKC).  “Ch” denotes a show champion. “AFC” denotes an amateur field champion; professionals do not compete in amateur stakes. “FC” is an open field champion, “NFC” is a national field champion in the all age stakes, and “DC” is a dual champion, the latter with a FC and a show championship “Ch”. The stakes are ½ hour each except for championships, which are longer. Our AKC trials are “all-breed’ trials, thus open to all registered pointing dogs. In 1994 GSPCA and AKC added a national championship, “NFC”, the winner of the national open gun dog stake.  The trials are currently held twice a year at Mile Post 9 south of Marsing, Idaho and high in the breaks of the Owyhee Mountains.

Other club AKC competitions are the hunting tests. “MH” designates a Master Hunter, and “SH’ a Senior Hunter. The hunt tests are held twice a year at various local venues and open to AKC registered pointing dogs. These dogs are listed hereafter with the succeeding years.

Hall of Fame is HOF. 1980, GSPCA, affiliated with AKC, established its Hall of Fame (HOF). Most dogs are admitted posthumously. 1994, GSPCA added a national championship to the winner of the open gun dog stakes.

The Club sponsors two AKC trials annually with 2 stakes, one limited to amateur trailers and the other an open stake for both amateur and professional trailers, and both open to all pointing breeds registered with AKC. .

The National German Shorthaired Pointer Association (NGSPA) is affiliated with American Field and conducts field trials and designates champions in four stakes, Derby, amateur shooting dog (ASD), open shooting dog (OSD) and open all age dogs (O-AA), a stake winner designated Ch. or NCH.      The stakes are one hour each or longer and are limited to shorthairs. Rick Dodge is a national director of NGSPA. The Club sponsors the Region 9 Championships at Mile Post 9, and draws from the surrounding areas and professional trailers. Many members, including our trailers, owners, and visitors partake and assist in all of our field trials.

In the past, the club members participated in trials of the Eastern Idaho German Shorthair Club at Idaho Falls, Yellowstone, Twin Falls and Jackpot Nevada (a double/double) on 3 successive week ends. Eastern is now defunct, and those trials are suspended.

1961, we have Idaho’s first field champion, FC My Ritzie Fer Gitunburdz (Fritz von Brickwedde II ex Ashleys Red Dancer) bred and owned by Paul and Deana Ashley, of Boise, and the first of many high class “Fer Gitunburdz” dogs. My Ritzie is the dog of the year (DOY) for 1961.

1962, DOY is Bourbon v d Wolfswiese owned by Carol and Gary Stevens, of Caldwell, current club members, and bred by Hubert Stipa, a native German, and long time shorthair breeder in Boise.

1963 DOY is DC Zipper Der Orrian (FC von Thalberg’s Fritz II HOF ex Zetta v Fuererheim) Ourrie and Lillian Borland owners; Zipper continued in California to produce dual champions. Zipper is from the legendary Fritz (21 field champions, 1955-70), Fritz being from the original progenitor of the Greif family, FC Greif v Hundheimerskogel HOF (1947-1959) bred to his grand get, Don Miner’s, Von Thalberg’s Katydid. Greif was a “most stylish and energetic hunter” according to one observer; He started trialing age 7, took over the field and retired at 11. Fritz was the 6th top producing field sire through 1979. An observer notes that Fritz is “the father of a Nation in terms of his stud work, his get and grand get, titled and untitled, and supports some of the greatest prepotencies of our time.” Many of the Idaho dogs were from the Greif line.

1964 DOY is Roughshooters John L (Heller von Hundheimerskogel ex Chubby v. Greif) the grandsires are FC Fritz and FC Yunga v. Hundheimerskogel, ½ brothers and both from Greif himself. John L. appears in several pedigrees of field dogs at the time, and sired our NFC Mark V’s One Spot (given later).  John L was owned and handled by Phil White, and also handled by Dave McGinnis, a preeminent professional field trailer resident at the MCGinnis Ranch Kennels.

1965 DOY is Roughshooters Charlie Brown (Roughshooters John L ex ?????????), another one owned and handled by Phil White.

1965 Dave McGinnis, “Mr. Shorthair”///?????

1966 DOY is DC Erdenreichs Jetta Beckum (FC Stutz v Beckum ex Ch. Erdenreich Die Zweite) bred by Irene Pauly of California, and owned and handled by C. D. Lawrence, a renowned show handler in the Northwest.

1967 DOY is FC AFC Kamiak White Lightning (Am. & Can. FC Lutz v.d. Radbach HOF ex FC Kamiak Bold Lark) bred by Ralph Park, and owned by Carolyn and Gary Stevens. Lightning is a littermate to DC Kamiak Desert Sand and Ch. Kamiak Desert Dawn. FC Lutz is a German import bred by Ernst Bleckman’s Radbach Kennels in Germany, and was owned by Robert Holcomb in Washington who brought many Radbach dogs while on military assignment to Germany and Lutz was  later acquired by Don Miner of California.

1968 DOY is FC Kay Fer Gitunburdz (DC Kay v d Wildburg HOF ex FC My Ritzie Fer Gitunburdz), bred and owned by Paul and Deana Ashley. Ritzie is Idaho’s first field champion in 1961. Kay is a big producing German import owned by Richard Johns in Pennsylvania.

1969 DOY is Assenbrenner Von Shinback (????????ex????????), bred by ?????????? and owned by John Assenbrenner.

1970 and 1971 DOY is FC AFC Kamiak White Lightning (given above) owned by Carolyn and Gary Stevens now of Caldwell. NAFC Schling von Shinback (Esser’s Chick HOF [German import] ex Melissa v Greif) bred by Ron Hulcy, and owned and handled by D. Nicely won the GSPCA national amateur gun dog stake. Melissa birthed 9 field champions, and Chick had 31 field champions, one dual and 9 show champions. Chick is a grandsire of Ammertal’s Lancer D and the sire of Ammertal’s Kitt v Shinback.

It should be noted that World War 2 ravaged Germany and the breed with the loss of dogs, lack of food, damage to kennels, and much privation. Chick’s sire is Axel von Wasserschling, a solid liver and strong shorthair that came in the 50’s and 60’s, received blanket employment in Germany, and is acclaimed as the post-war breed builder. In 11 years, Axel sired 153 litters and registered 1002 puppies. Much of his progeny made it to the USA.

1971  and for some time, club members Fred and Gladys Laird, Berry Point Road, Garbiola Island, B.C. Canada were the owner of the Frulord dogs, and they were campaigned by club member Dave McGinnis of Boise, a professional handler. 1971, NFC Patricia v Frulord HOF (FC Gerts Duro v Greif ex Juliana Frulord) won the national all age champitonship in the stake held by the National German Shorthair Pointer Association. In 1972, she repeated that title going away in the hour stake. 1973, Patricia won the national all age championship of the German Shorthair Pointer Club of America. She was bred only once, and that to NFC Blick v Shinback, bred by Ron Hulcy, and produced Frulords Frau Doctor. The latter was mated to NFC Ammertal’s Lancer D; they produced NFC Frulords Tim and McGinnis handled Tim to the 1976 national championship of the German Shorthair Pointer Club of America. At 29 months, Tim was the youngest to win that title. In five years, and four of the highest national titles available, garnered by the Lairds and two fine dogs.

1971 is continuing the emergence on the national scene of NFC-FC-AFC Kitt v Shinback HOF 1967/80 (Esser’s Chick HOF v Melissa Greif) bred by John Hulcy and owned by Carolyn and Gary Stevens and handled by Gary. Kitt was an all age dog. She won the national championship hour long stake held by the National German Pointing Dog Association. She is one of the many Shinbacks from the Chick/Melissa breedings, some of which are NFC Blick, NAFC Schling, and FC Rex. In addition to running trials, she was been busy producing her winners, 9 field champions. A partial list follows:

FC Ammertal’s Lancer D HOF (NFC Thalberg’s Seagraves Chayne)

FC Ammertal’s Calamity Jane (??) 1974 GSPCA Futurity Winner

FC Ammertal’s Butch Cassidy (???)

FC Ammertal’s Lyons Tiger v Ammertal (//)

FC Ammertal’s DeGidios Will-O-Wisp Wendy (NFC Thal Sea. Chayne)

FC Ammertal’s Rhinestone Cowboy (NFC Frulord’s Tim)

1980 NFC-FC Ammertal’s Boss Ranger (FC Uodibar’s Bossman)



         Kitt is the #4 all time Field Dam through 1981. Kitt was admitted to the Hall of Fame in 1982, the first Idaho dog admitted to the HOF.

1972 DOY is Ammertal’s Lancer D owned by Jim Reed of Boise, and handled by Dave McGinnis. Lancer was an all-age competitor and is noted above and below.

1973 DOY is FC Mark V’s One Spot (Roughshooters John L ex My Ritzie fer Gitunburdz) bred by Paul and Deana Ashley and owned by Ronald Rainey.

1974 DOY is NFC-FC Ammertal’s Lancer D (given below) owned by Jim Reed of Boise.

1975 NFC-DC Mark V’s One Spot, handled by John Merrell, won the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America (AKC) national championship, given then only to all age dogs winners.  He produced champions, 1 dual, 1 show, 4 open field, and 3 amateur field.

1975, NFC-FC Ammertal’s Lancer D won the national championship, one hour all age stakes, given by the National German Shorthair Pointer Association.

1976 DOY is NFC-FC Ammertal’s Lancer D (HOF) (1970-84) (NFC Kitt and NFC Chayne) bred by Carolyn and Gary Stevens and owned by Jim Reed, Boise, Idaho, and handled by Dave McGinnis. He produced AKC champions, 3 dual, 4 show and 30 field dogs. Some of them are:

FC –Can Ch. Radbach’s Savage v Greif (Cissy Radbach v Greif) Bob Deitering

FC Crystalwood’s Lance v Radbach (Cissy Radbach v Greif)

DC Ammertal’s Candy Cane (Cissy Radbach v Greif) Sandy Deitering

FC Jagermeister v Greif (Cissy Radbach v Greif)

DC-3XNFC (1980-81) Ehrlicher Abe HOF (Ch Misty fer Gitunburdz)

Ch. My Shotgun fer Gitunburdz (Ch Misty fer Gitunburdz)

Interrogator (Dutchess v Esser) 1976 NGSPA all age Futurity winner

F Ch  Lancer’s Doctor J (ex Wolfwiese Radbach Jennifer) NGSPA regional, bred by Linda Randolph, owned and handled by Phil and Donna Vadeboncouer

FC-NFC Frulord’s Tim (AFC Frulord’s Frau Doktor)

FC Frulords Sir Guy

FC Lancer’s Hommerman (Mayfield’s Wurtzina v. Greif)

FC Fousts Little Joe Dan (Mayfield’s Wurtzina v. Greif)

FC-AFC Uodibar’s Pigeon (FC Heidi v Uferwald)

NAC-FC-AFC Lancer’s Royal Scout (1975- ) (Gertrude fer Gitunburdz) Sandy Deitering, owner; 1982 GSPCA NGDC

FC Babe’s Moonshadow of Cariblu (Babes Tree v Greif)

FC Cajon Valle Travelin Trapper

FC Bankers Rusty von Ammertal

FC AFC Lancer D’s Leroy Brown

FC Ammertal’s Sundance Kid

FC-AFC Ammertal’s Buggs

FC-AFC Randa’s Buckshot Bell

DC Timberdoodle Lancer’s Answer (Da-Lors Brandie v d Wildburg) Kern

Lancers Maggie VD Wildburg JH

FC Ammertal’s Radbach Bandit

FC King Seagraves von Laufen  (////ex FC Lotschea von Laufen)

FC Lancer’s Dakota Dilly

FC Frulord’s Sir Guy

FC Banker’s Rusty v Ammertal

FC Skokies Sting

FC Vogelmeister Sabrina

AFC Kel’s Nite Cap (AFC Frulord’s Frau Doctor)

AFC Pepper von Greiwe

         One summer, Lancer D ran in 8 consecutive all age trials, on 8 successive weekends in 8 separate state of the Union; He won 7 of them and was Runner Up in the other. Lancer D was the #4 all time producing sire when he retired. He was admitted to the Hall of Fame in 1984.

1977 DOY was FC Lotschea von Laufen (FC Uranus v Lindenkreutz ex Ginger v Shinback) bred by bred by John Hulcy, and owned by Jim Reed.

1978 DOY was Ehrlicher Abe (NFC-FC Ammertal’s Lancer D (HOF) ex Ch. Mitzie v Gitunburdz) bred by the Ashleys and owned by Linda Cross. He attained his national field futurity title, GSPCA national trial in 1978. Abe was an all age competitor.  Abe also won the Region 9, NGSPA, Derby Classic.

1980 DOY was FC Ammertal’s Rhinestone Cowboy (1976- ) (NFC-FC Frulord’s Tim ex NFC-FC-AFC Kitt v Shinback HOF, bred, owned and campaigned by Carolyn and Gary Stevens. In 1980 the GSPCA established the shorthair hall of fame. Most dogs were admitted after they retired.

1981 DOY is 5xNFC-DC-FC Ehrlicher Abe (given above) and owned by Linda Randolph and handled by Dave McGinnis. He attained his field title in 1980, his dual title in 1981. He was a national field champion (twice) 1981 and 1982 at the at the NGSPA national stake, national championships then open only to all age dogs. He also won the 1981 national championship, all age stakes, at the National German Pointing Dog Association, (all-breed trial). He was the winner, an all age champion in the German Pointing Dog Association. 1981 Abe was elected #1 all age dog in the nation.

1981, White Smoke campaigned by member McGinnis won the GSPCA national championship, an all age stake, NFC FC Checkmates White Smoke (NFC Checkmates Dandy Dude ex Trish Direct.  Ed Lilly also finished FC Edlous Rock ‘N Knock (FC Craigs Moontige ex FC-AFC Casey’s Sassy Megan).

1982 DOY again is Ehrlicher Abe HOF, Linda’s dog handled by Dave McGinnis won the all age stake at the national trial, GSPCA, thus another national championship. McGinnis also took him to a win in an all age stake at the national chukar championship stake. He was elected #2 all age dog in Nation.

Abe also registered 2 dual champions, 6 Show Ch., 10 open Field Champions, and one Amateur Field Champion some of whom are;

 AFC Abe’s Ace High,

 DC Apocalypse v. Greif,

 FC Abe’s Honky Lady,

 CH Eden’s Carry Me Back,

 CH High Abe’s Merry Rebecca,

 FC Hillhaven’s Ready & Able,

 FC K-Bars’ Little Miss Tabitha,

 FC K-Bars’ Peach Sonnet,

 FC Kaos’ Dirty Harry,

 FC Kaos’ Fox; the Kaos dogs were campaigned by Bob Deitering.

Abe is the grandsire of 11 field champions. One is NFC Beier’s Evolution HOF owned by Dr. Jim McCue of Idaho Falls with 41 field champions and 9 show champions on the ground. Dr. McCue was a writer, known nationally for his knowledgeable works on the shorthair. Abe is also the cover dog, outside front cover, on a shorthair treatise, C. Bede Maxwell, The New German Shorthaired Pointer, Howell Books (1987) Borders Bookstore. Abe was admitted to the Hall of Fame in 1995. 1989 the national trial, GSPCA, 5 or the 16 placement were Abe get and grand get.

1983 DOY is Wing Shooter Dandy Brandy owned by Bobby Evangelo.

1984 DOY is Lancers Doctor J owned by Phil Vadeboncouer.

1986 AKC inaugurated the Hunting Test for pointing breeds. Dogs now prove their ability to work for which they are kept. The Club is one of the early leaders of this discipline and it is popular with the members.

1986 DOY is Jutes Hopeful Dream owned by Craig Collins. 1986, NAFC- FC-AFC Edlou’s Supersonic owned by Ed and Lou Lilly, and handled by Ed Lilly won the national GSPCA amateur stake. That same year Ed piloted their Edlou’s Little Bit to the Futurity Championship of the GSPCA.

1988 DOY is Dr. J’s Sunny owned by Phil Vadeboncouer. 1988, NFC Gus’s Roust About, owned and handled by George Wilson (then living in  Utah) won the national amateur stake sponsored by the NGSPA.

1989 DOY is Ammertal’s Touch of Class MH, owned and handled by Mike Okamura to her master hunter title. “Cutthroat Annie,” she attained her master hunter title this year.

1990 DOY is Jets Supersonic Skeet bred by Ed Lilly and owned by Bob and Sue Evangelo.

1991 DOY is Ray’s Maximum Satisfaction owned by Ray Price obtaining a Senior Hunter Title.

1992 DOY is KC Moen’s Pepper bred by Gary Moen and owned by Kelly Troutner.

1994 DOY is KC Moen’s Charlie Brown bred by Gary Moen and owned by Greg Thomas and obtained a Master Hunter Title.

1995 DOY is FC-AFC Edlou’s We-Be-Jamin, bred by Ed Lilly and owned by Rich Denker.

1996 DOY is NC’s Pride Auggie owned by Norm Anderson.

1997 DOY is NC’s Pride Auggie owned by Norm Anderson.

1999 DOY is Bailey’s Little Freida bred by /////and owned by Dick Wilson.

2000 DOY is KC’s Rockin Poppin Molly MH bred by Gary Moen and owned by Jon and Ann Young, Montour, Idaho. She obtained her Master Hunter Title by competing in six consecutive and successful tests.

Norm Anderson was an enthusiastic leader of the Club. He died unexpectedly. In honor of his devotion and hard work, the Club named the annual water retrieve after Norm and it carries a traveling trophy that is rotated each year.

2001 DOY is Rawhide Dixie Lee Clown MH (1999–) (Hurshell’s Liver Clown ex Upwind’s Addison) bred by Jake Hines and owned Richard L. and Linda Lee Dodge of Wilder, Idaho.

2002 DOY is Rawhide Dixie Lee Clown again owned by Rick and Linda Dodge and she attained her Master Hunter Title.

2003 DOY is Dixie again with her open field championship. FC Born to Buck Badluck owned and handled by George Wilson of Council, Idaho, won the NGSPA national amateur championship.

2004 DOY is FC NC’s Pride Gus owned by Emmett Burns of Meridian Idaho.

2005 DOY is FC-AFC Rawhide Dixie Lee Clown MH winning her amateur field championship. July 2003, her litter by FC Born to Buck Badluck owned by George and Joan Wilson gave us three field champions, namely, Council Mountain Buzzsaw owned by the Wilsons, and 3d’s Dixie’s Cloud Dancer and 3d’s Dixie’s Mocha Jo, both owned by the Dodges. Buzz was runner-up in the NGSPA National Futurity in 2005 held at Boonville Arkansas.

2005, the Club hosted at MP 9 the AKC’s National Gun Dog Trial with two stakes, one retrieving and the other nonretrieving; in all 140 dogs competed in preliminaries and the top finishers then competing in the one hour finals; this trial brought trailers nation wide and consumed 2 weeks; it was the biggest undertaking ever had by the Club; we will put in the host one set for the West in 2011 with Jon Young in charge of the application.

2006 DOY FC-AFC  NC’s Pride Gus owned by Emmett Burns.

2007 DOY is FC 3d’s Dixie’s Cloud Dancer JH bred and owned by the Dodges. FC Buzz handled by George Wilson won the GSPCA national amateur shooting dog title.

2008 DOY is NAC-FC-AFC Council Mountain Buzzsaw handled by George Wilson, Buzz won GSPCA national amateur shooting dog title.

2009 Buzz was runner-up in the national amateur shooting dog, but won the national open shooting dog stake, all at the GSPCA national stakes again in Boonville Arkansas. This makes 5 trophies for Buzzsaw and George. He has 6 additional trophies with Buck and Roust in previous years, thought to be a record at that stake.

2009, the Club hosted the Region 9 Championships trial for NGSPA; Dancer being handled by Rick Dodge won the amateur shooting dog stake thus adding to her field championships. The open shooting dog was won by FC Fly Boy owned and handled by Emmett Burns. Mocha Jo handled by Rick Dodge was the runner-up winner.

2009 at Tombstone Arizona, Region 12, Championships NGSPCA,  FC Lonewolf’s Huachuca Jake (2006-) (KB’s Rockin Rollin Rebel ex Hk Sheridan’s Southpaw) bred by Sandra L. Deitering, and owned by our president, Dean Crabbs, won the open shooting dog stakes, NGSPA again. Runner-up in that stake was FC-AFC Oaks Opal Von Griewe (2002-) (Jagersholtz Lawman ex Miss Maggie Von Griewe) bred by Donald Fidler & Larry Shaw, owned and handled by Steve Pasas of Wilder Idaho. 2009, at the same Tombstone field trial; FC3d’s Dixie’s Cloud Dancer handled by Rick Dodge won the NGSPA amateur shooting dog stake.

2009, at an AKC amateur gun dog stake in Texas, FC- AFC Oaks Outlaw von Griewe (2002- ) (a litter mate to Opal above) owned and handled by Steve Pasas won the event and attained  his amateur title.

2009, the Club’s spring field trial was held at Mile Post 9.  Mocha again with Rich Dodge won the open all age event, and Dancer with Rich Dodge placed 3rd.  Dean Crabbs piloted his FC Lonewolf’s Huachuca Jake to wins in the amateur gun dog event and the open gun dog event.  Mocha and Dancer were respective runner-up winners in those two stakes.


The Club has excelled throughout. The fact that it has remained vibrant for fifty years is a testament to the club members, those named and unnamed, and for which they can be proud. Their good leadership, sportsmanship, and determination have made for many great personal associations and have fostered the German Shorthaired Pointer breed and this breed club.

GSPCA Board of Directors

c/o Dr. M. Parl Larson

To whom it may concern,

            I am writing to nominate Ehrlicher Abe to the German Shorthair Hall of Fame.

To my knowledge, Abe is the only German Shorthair Pointer to win the AKC National Futurity, the National Chukar All Age Championship, the GSPCA National All Age Championship, the NGPDA National All Age Championship and the NGSPA National All Age Championship twice.  He accomplished all of these things by his retirement, at the age of five. Abe was a dual champion, having accomplished distinction in both the field and the show competitions.  Abe produced many successful offspring, passing his exceptional qualities to his get and generations of grand get.

            For these reasons, I am nominating Ehrlicher Abe to the German Shorthair Hall of Fame.  This nomination is dedicated to the memories of Deana Ashley and Dave McGinnis.  Deana devoted much of her life to the German Shorthair breed and offered encouragement and support to those of us striving to improve the breed.  Dave’s record speaks for itself.  His was a great loss to all of us, personally and within the German Shorthair community.


Linda Cross

5217 Fairmont

Boise, Idaho    83706

(208) 322-1917


NGSPA Hall of Fame

Nominating Committee

October 4, 2007


Dave McGinnis

A special award has already been created in his memory, and the information below contains many of my own feelings and memories of Dave. Because of his contributions to the NGSPA and to the German Shorthaired  Pointer breed, I feel that he should be the first entry into the NGSPA Hall of Fame.


Following the untimely death of Dave McGinnis, the NGSPA Board began to consider the possibility of establishing an award to recognize those individuals who, like Dave, have given unselfishly of themselves and their resources to nurture and perpetuate the goals of the NGSPA. Those who knew Dave will remember well that, despite personal adversity, he always supported the NGSPA and its National and Regional activities, often at considerable personal hardship.

Dave was not only a winner in the field of competing, but also a man of unswerving integrity, honesty, and devotion to the principles of fair competition and sportsmanship. This award is intended to recognize those who stand above their peers and serve as examples of unswerving devotion, uncompromising integrity, and consistent sportsmanship.

Dave McGinnis started training Retrievers in the Seattle area in late 50’s. He later started training and handling pointing breeds. In the early 60’s Dave and his family moved to the Boise area. He soon developed a large nucleus of friends and clients from Idaho and across the country. He helped many of us train our own dogs, giving us the advantage of his immense knowledge. He put on training seminars for the German Shorthaired  Pointer Club of Idaho. He contributed to every event that our club sponsored, helping our club become one of the most active clubs in the country. Before his untimely death, in December 1984, Dave finished over 60 Field Champions and trained more National Field Champions than I can remember. I attended many field trials and quite a few Nationals that Dave competed in, and I was never a witness to anything but a class act of sportsmanlike behavior from Dave. He was a intense competitor, who never hesitated to congratulate anyone else who won. He never swerved in his devotion to the German Shorthaired Pointer, his friends, and his family.


NGSPA Hall of Fame Committee

Nomination Information

Gary Stevens

Gary purchased his first German Shorthaired Pointer in 1960. This was after he and his wife Carolyn had gone bird hunting with her parents and their German Shorthair. It was the first time he had hunted over a bird dog, and he immediately knew that he had to have one. So he purchased a female that he named Bourbon from an old German breeder in Boise. The very first field trial that he went to he thought that he was supposed to catch the birds that his dog pointed, and that the one with the most birds won!  Needless to say, he figured it out. The next trial that he competed in, he took 1st. in every stake that he entered. That was the beginning of a legacy of contributions that he has made to the breed and to the sport of field trialing. Gary & Carolyn have been members of the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho for over 45 years. Gary has owned, bred, field trialed, and judged many wonderful dogs over the last 47 years.

NFC/FC/AFC Ammertals Kitt v Shinback

1982- GSPCA Hall of Fame

1981- #4 All-time top producing dam for Field Trials

1976- AKC Amateur Field championship

1973- AKC Field Championship

1973- 4th. AKC National Amateur championship

1972- Winner NGPDA Shooting Dog Championship

FC/AFC Kamiaks White Lightning

]FC/AFC Ammertals Rhinestone Cowboy

FC/AFC Lyon’s Tiger V. Ammertal

Chiefs Magic Moment

GSPCA Stakes Judged

1972 National Championship                                     Illinois

1877 National Championship                                     Michigan

1978 National Amateur Championship                      Iowa

1980 National championship                                      New Jersey

1980 National Futurity                                               New York

1985 National Gun dog                                              Arizona

1985 National Futurity                                               Arizona

NGSPA Stakes Judged

 1996 42nd National Championship


 1979  GSPCA National Gun Dog                                           Washington

2005  AKC All Breed Gun Dog Championship                     Idaho




Hall of Fame Committee

To whom it may Concern,

I am writing this to nominate 3 dogs to the NGSPA Hall of Fame. They are from a terrific Family Tree of German Shorthairs, from quite a few years ago and may not still be remembered by a popular vote today.  They are Dam/Grand Dam NFC/FC/AFC Ammertal’s Kitt V. Shinbach, Son/Sire NFC/FC Ammertal’s Lancer D, and Grandson/Son NFC/FC/DC Ehrlicher’s Abe. I am including information that was previously used to nominate these dogs to the GSPCA Hall of Fame in the past. I believe that this information is still valid for the NGSPA Hall of Fame.

In addition I am nominating Dave McGinnis and Gary Stevens. I am attaching information regarding both of these Gentlemen.

Thanks for your consideration,