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GSPCI hosted a Combined Trial April 2023

Northwest Region – The German Shorthair Pointer Club of Idaho hosted a Double/Double Amateur/Open Combined Trial April 1st & 2nd 2023 near Boise, Idaho.  People from 5 states representing multiple regions attended this event.  Saturday started out cold and rainy for the first few hours.  A special thanks to Northwest Region Judges; Nance Ceccarelli, Meki Porter, Mike Smith & Mike Ouchida for judging through the difficult conditions.  As well as bird handlers Justin Musgrave & Todd Woods.  They really went the proverbial extra mile.

Several new to NSTRA people participated in the trial and all placements Saturday went to Amateur/Open teams.  In A Field – John Bunn’s GSP Sugar had 5 finds with 4 retrieves for 1st place, Quinn Inwards Whirehair Jade had 4 finds with 3 retrieves for 2nd place, Paul Schneider’s Setter Jazz had 4 finds with 3 retrieves for 3rd place with Ross Brown’s Brittany Scarlett receiving 4th with 3/3 and a back.

In B field –  John Bunn’s GSP Sugar went 4/4 for 1st.   Only 1 point separated 2nd and 3rd place.   Vaughn Olson’s Griffon Ghillie going 5/4 for 2nd place and Nelson Banuelos’s pup Gunner went 3/3 with a back for 3rd place, & Ross Browns Brittanies receiving 4th Scarlett 3/2 with a back and Indie 3/3 for 4th Open.

It was a special day for John and Sugar, as these were Sugar’s first, first place finishes.  With a few placements but not getting the elusive first, John was beginning to feel like always the bridesmaid but never the bride.  John and Sugar also received a GSPC of Idaho sponsored, custom knife and handcrafted leather sheath made by   Mike Okamura for Sugar being high point dog on Saturday.

We were greeted with better weather on Sunday.  Judging responsibilities were handled by: Jim Wall BSR,  Joel Cartwright UT, Gary Thompson Jr  & George Clark Jr. from NW region.


A field – Donaye Smith’s Setter Fame placed 1st with 5/5, Quinn Inwards Whirehair Joker 2nd Open/1st Amateur with 4/4, Mike Ouchida’s Setter Cooper placed 3rd open with 3/3 and a back.  Rounding out the Amateur placements:  Brian Croziers GSP Curly received 2nd with 3/3 and a back and Paul McCawley’s Moby received 3rd with 3/3.  Quinn Inwards Whirehair Jade received 4th Amateur/Open  with 3/3. 

B field – Ryan Fortier’s Setter Cash placed 1st Amateur/Open with 4/4 and a back, Ross Brown’s Brittany Indie received 2nd Open with 4/4,  Fortier’s Red Setter Penny was 3rd Open & 2nd Amateur with 4/4,  Mike Smith NW Setter Molly received 4th Open with 3/3.  Rounding out the Amateur placements,  Quinn Inward’s Whirehair Joker received 3rd  with 4/3 & a back, and Paul Schneider’s Setter Jazz received 4th 3/3.

Quinn and Joker also received a GSPC of Idaho sponsored, custom made Mike Okamura knife and handcrafted leather sheath for Joker being high point dog on Sunday.

Congrats to everyone that ran and special congrats to those who placed .  Thanks to the GSPC of Idaho, Friends and Trialers that helped make this a successful weekend of trialing.

Submitted by John Bunn   Field Photos by Scott Kragerud.

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