2024 GSPCI Membership Calendar Orders

Voting is over and 12 selected membership-submitted-photos have been published for our GSPCI 2024 Club Calendar complete with GSPCI event dates, Holidays, and picture descriptions.  This year’s membership had a strong showing of photos taken over the late-2022/2023 year.  Great support and multi-breed-pride were demonstrated from the multi-breed membership submissions to create the 2024 calendar.

Please email: gspclubidaho@gmail.com to request copies!

Happy Holiday’s and best wishes for productive hunt’s this 2023-2024 season and keep taking those photos to submit for next years calendar!



2023 GSPCI Fall Walking Field Trial

Thanks for making our membership-driven AKC Fall Walking Field Trial possible and successful!  We had registrations from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, British Columbia, and all throughout Idaho!   This year we had over 50 entries registered to breakaway in 6 different stakes held on the Cornell Ranch Trial/Test Grounds near Mayfield!
First – A ginormous thank you goes out to the following Judges and members for donating their time, attention, and efforts to making the event a success.  Placements / placement photos follow acknowledgements (no photos were taken for ALWGD due to lack of light).
Overall a giant thank you to everyone involved .. it was a beautiful weekend to run dogs!
Thank you to Event Judges: 
Emmett Burns (OWD, OWGD, OLWGD, OWP)
Derrick Olsen (OWGD)
Wayne Yamashita (ALWGD, OLWGD)
Steve Ball (OWD, AWGD)
Event Placements!
– Open Puppy  (OP) – 5 Entries – 1 Point to 1st Place – 
1st Bret Denton – “Boone” – GSPM
2nd Brittany Leber – “Ronan” – WM
3rd Travis Palmer – “Lilo” – GSPF
4th Mike Williams II – “Lefty” – GSPF
OP – Membership Entries:
Bret Denton – “Boone” – GSPM
Travis Palmer – “Lilo” – GSPF
Mike Williams II – “Lefty” – GSPM
– Open Walking Derby (OWD) – 14 Entries – 3 Points to 1st Place – 
1st – Jason Sanko – “Maggie” – BF
2nd –  Mike Williams – “Nipsey” – GSPM
3rd – Stephany Leisz – “Vaughn’ – GSPM
4th – Leonard Wehking – “Star” – GSPF
OWD – Membership Entries:
John Bunn – “Jazzy” – GSPF
Scott Kragerud – “Belle” – GSPF
Gary Moen – “Piper” – GSPF
Mike Williams II – 3 Entry’s
   * “Lola” – GSPF
   * “Lefty” – GSPM
   * “Nipsey” – GSPM
David Hawk – “Scout” – GSPM
Bret Denton – “Boone” – GSPM
Travis Palmer – 2 Entry’s
   * “Lilo” – GSPF
   * “Loki” – GSPM
Leonard Wehking – “Star” – GSPF
– Open Walking Gun Dog (OGD) – 12 Entries – 2 Points to 1st Place – 
1st Gary Moen – “Freedom” – GSPF
2nd Tom Loy – “Jo” – GSF
3rd Gary Moen – “Jewel” – GSP
4th Jason Sanko – “Missy” – BF
OGD – Membership Entries:
Scott Kragerud – “Belle” – GSPF
Travis Palmer – “Thor” – GSPM
Gary Moen – 2 Entry’s
   * Freedom – GSPF
   * Jewel – GSPF
Tom Loy – “Jo” – (GSF)
– Amateur Limited Walking Gun Dog (ALWGD) – 6 Entries – 1 Points to 1st Place – 
1st Jeff Minch – “Buck” – BM
2nd Jeff Minch – “Ginger” – BF
3rd Stacy Roberts – Avy – WF
4th withheld
ALGD – Membership Entries:
Kevin McRae – “Ruby” – VF
Tom Loy – “Jo” – GSF
– Amateur Walking Gun Dog – Retrieving (AWGD) – 10 Entries (2 scratches) – 2 Points to 1st Place – 
1st Jason Sanko – “Missy” – BF
2nd Gary Moen – “Jewel” – GSPF
3rd Gary Moen – “Freedom” – GSPF
4th withheld
Amateur Gun Dog – Retrieving Stake placements.
AWGD-RET – Membership Entries:
David Hawk – “Baker” – GSPM
Travis Palmer – “Thor” – GSPM
Gary Moen – 2 Entry’s
    * “Jewel” – GSPF
   * “Freedom” – GSPF
Scott Kragerud – “Belle” – GSPF
Kevin McRae – “Ruby” – VF
– Open Limited Walking Gun Dog (OLWGD) – 5 Entries – 1 Points to 1st Place – 
1st withheld
2nd Jason Sanko – “Missy” – BF
3rd withheld
4th withheld
Open Limited Walking Gun Dog Placement.
AWGD-RET – Membership Entries:

Tom Loy – “Jo” – GSF

Thank you to Bird Planters:
Kevin McRae (President – GSPCI)
Mike Williams
Travis Palmer
Leonard Wehking
Bret Denton
Thank you to Event Setup/Tear Down:
Ray Larondo (Board Member – GSPCI)
Kevin McRae (President – GSPCI)
Bret Denton
Mike Willams
Travis Palmer
Thank you to Lunch Prep:
Bret Denton (Sunbeam Grill Maestro)
David Hawk (Board Member – GSPCI)
Thank you for Event Reporting Duties (and donuts): 
Kevin McRae (President – GSPCI)

GSPCI 2023 Fall Walking Field Trial (Nov. 11-12)

The GSPCI Fall Walking Field Trial is only 3 weeks out! Entry is currently available through PerfDog at ( https://perfdog.com/event/fe6XDHbCYijAwWDGc ).
Remember you can fill out the registration forms attached below and send in to perfdog along with your payment OR use their electronic entry system after 9/13/2023.
As always we appreciate your support for this event and look forward to seeing your dog in action!
There’s a fillable PDF available of the registration form online through AKC at:

2023 GSPCA National Field Trial

The German Shorthair Pointer Club of America (GSPCA) National Field Trial will breakaway next Monday, October 16, 2023.  This years event is being held at the Bechtel Ranch near Eureka, Kansas.  Four stakes are set to breakaway; National Amateur Gun Dog Championships, National Field Futurity, National All Age Grand Championship, and the National Open Gun Dog Grand Championship.

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho members and dogs can be found running in the National Amateur Gun Dog Championships as well as the National Field Futurity.

National Amateur Gun Dog Championship (Oct. 16 – to completion)

Josh Miller and Switchback competing in the 2022 Fall GSPCI Field Trial. (photo: Scott Kragerud)

Josh and Allison Miller drew the 38th brace in the National Amateur Gun Dog Championship with “FC/AFC Up N’ Adams Gaining Elevation” aka “Switchback.”  The Miller’s finished Switchbacks AFC in late 2022/early-2023 which was quickly followed by the completion of his FC following several back-to-back placements.  Best of Luck to the Miller’s and Switchback at this years National Championship! *** Qualification criteria: to be eligible dogs must have earned their FC or AFC or have placed in a 2 point or greater two Amateur or Amateur Limited, All Age, Open or Open Limited Gun Dog stake. Brace Sheets can be found at: https://www.gspca.org/events/nft/AGD-2023-running-order/




National Field Futurity “60” (to follow National Amateur Gun Dog Championship)

Scout on Point with handler Derrick Olsen in Montana, fall 2023. (photo: Shannon Olsen)

Two littermates from Gary Moen’s 2022 litter which paired David Hawk’s Double A Baker with Gary Moen’s Freedom Isn’t Free will be competing in the National Field Futurity.  First up will be David Hawk’s KC Moen’s Triple A Scout aka “Scout” who will lead off the event in Brace 1 while being handled by Derrick Olsen (Jump Creek Kennels).  Hawk’s Scout/Olsen are coming off recent PNW second, third, and fourth derby and puppy placements earned at both the Fall 2023 Idaho Brittany Club and the Fall German Shorthair Club of Oregon (Tygh Valley) trials.

Belle Pointed summer 2023. (photo: Brian Crozier)

Scout’s female littermate “KC Moen’s Freedom’s Belle” aka “Belle” (owned by Scott Kragerud) will breakaway in Brace 6 of the event.  Belle will be handled by Brian Gingrich who most recently handled her to a first place derby finish at the National Hungarian Partridge Championship (Cheyenne, Wy). *** Qualification criteria: Breeders must nominate litters  within 60 days of whelping, individual pups must be renominated within 1 year of their whelp date, and registered to run at the national.  Judges assess the stake as any derby stake where a bird must be pointed and assess the pups likelihood to develop into an All-Age and/or Gun Dog competitor. Brace Sheets can be found at: https://www.gspca.org/events/nft/futurity-2023-running-order/

National All-Age Grand Championships and National Gun Dog Grand Championships will follow the Field Futurity. Brace Sheets can be found at: NAAGC: https://www.gspca.org/events/nft/AA-2023-running-order/ and NGDGC: https://www.gspca.org/events/nft/ogd-2023-running-order/

Good Luck and Safe Travels to all competitors!

2023 Water Retrieve Trial

The GSPCI hosted the annual Retrieving Trial this past weekend (Aug. 18/19).  We found a great venue centrally located in Boise where it seemed as though everyone and every canine member enjoyed!  We’d like to thank David Hawk for chairing, leading, and keeping the event on track.  Thanks also to all the volunteer judges including Kevin McRae, Gary Chapman, David Hawk, and to the participants for Crowd Sourcing the results of the dock dive! Thanks as well to members who volunteered to help take care of tasks during the event bird-handlers/blank firing – John Bunn, Brett Denton, Leonard Wehking, Jim Wade, and Joe Bailey.
Reach out to me if you’d like higher resolution photos for printing or for the upcoming 2024 calendar submission ..
GSPCI Board / David Hawk
First   1 yo – GSPF – “Star” Handled/Owned by Leonard Wehking
Second  1 yo – GSPF – Jazzy…..Handled/Owned by Jon Bunn
Third    1 yo –  Piper……Handled/Owned by Gary Moen
First    Freedom…..Handled/Owned by Gary Moen
Second    Gunner…..Handled/Owned by Joe Bailey
Third     Jewell…..Handled/Owned by Gary Moen
Fourth    Jutta…..Handled/Owned by Gary Chapman
Fifth     Baker….Handled/Owned by David Hawk
First     GSPM – Diamond…..Handled/Owned by Gary  Moen
Second    GSPM – Baker……Handled/Owned by David hawk
Third       WPGM – Ghillie……Handled/Owned by Vaughn Olson
A tie was declared between GSPM – “Wheeler”/Mason Denton and GSPF – “Star”/Leonard Wehking

2023 Chuk-O-Rama

Chuk-O-Rama – 2023 is in the books! Thanks to our membership for yet another fun event that allowed 28 members to show-off their and their-canines abilities.  Starting off the day the weather looked somewhat soggy before daylight but quickly broke into a cool to warm and sunny spring day.  Thanks to Pat O’Keif for organizing the event, securing the grounds, setting up fields, and keeping the event on track throughout the day. Thanks to Luke Smith for judging the Derby Stake and to John Bunn for enduring sun and rain (no wind) throughout the day while posted atop the Open Stakes Course judging each handler/canine team! Additional thanks to those members who spent time in between braces planting the fields .. namely Jim Wade, Gary Chapman, Todd Woods, and Dick Adams.  Additional thanks go out to the GSPCI President, Kevin McRae, for wrangling birds and keeping the planters stocked up at all times.

Placements were as follows (See Images)
A field of seven youngsters took to the line in the 2023 GSPCI Chuk-O-Rama Derby Stake with registered entries ranging from 11 mos. to 21 mos. Gary Moen used 4 of 5 allotted shotshells to handle Kris Moen’s 11 month old GSP-F “Piper” to 3 productive point’s, all three resulting in scoring retrieves in just 9:35 (min:sec) taking the first place finish and attaining 106 of a total 107 possible event points.  Second place found Piper’s male littermate “Scout” owned/handled by David Hawk where Gary Moen again used 4 of his 5 allotted shells to connect with 3 scoreable chukar all of which provided scoreable retrieves.  Hawk’s final bird was worked in the final seconds of Scout’s 10 minute run resulting in a tying point-score with his littermate “Piper.”  The tie was decided by a comparison of recorded times, the lesser of the two taking first.  Michael Byrne’s Wirehaired Pointer  “Annie” took third place with 3 productive finds with a single scoreable retrieve due to missed shots resulting in Byrne using all 5 rounds and completing his run at the 9 minute mark.  Rounding out the Derby Stake was Vivian Chan’s 21 month old GSP-M “Indus.”  Indus produced two scoreable pointed chukar on which only 2 rounds were fired with 1 of the two points providing a scoreable retrieves due to a second missed shot and the team working for their third scoreable point up until the 10 minute mark.

23 entrants and handlers broke-away in the 2023 running of the GSPCI Open Chuk-O-Rama Stake. In the placements there was a four way tie with all three placements garnering 107 of the 107 total possible points.  David Hawk’s 4 yo. GSP-M “Baker” (sire of the 1st and 2nd Derby placements) was handled by Gary Moen and found his way into the blue with Moen using 3 rounds to bag 3 chukar to hand in 5:40 (min:sec).  Moen’s 4 yo GSP-F “Jewel” (sister to first place Baker) also delivered 3 chukar to Moen’s hand but missed first place by just over two minutes.  Gary Chapman’s three yo. GSP-F “Lazy” proved not to be so “lazy” at the Chuk-O-Rama when she bested 19 competitors by delivering all three chukar to Chapman’s hand in 7:46, just 8 seconds behind Moen’s 4 yo female.  Rounding out the placements was Jim Wade who took his 4 yo. F-GSP Zoey to the top of the bird-field in search of his birds.  His strategy was successful with Zoey delivering all three chukar to hand in 9:15.

There were many fun moments during this year’s events leading to hoots, cheers, and hollers from viewers.  Those moments will live on in the memory of those who watched the events of the day transpire. See you all in the bird field in 2024 .. same place .. same time.