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2023 Water Retrieve Trial

The GSPCI hosted the annual Retrieving Trial this past weekend (Aug. 18/19).  We found a great venue centrally located in Boise where it seemed as though everyone and every canine member enjoyed!  We’d like to thank David Hawk for chairing, leading, and keeping the event on track.  Thanks also to all the volunteer judges including Kevin McRae, Gary Chapman, David Hawk, and to the participants for Crowd Sourcing the results of the dock dive! Thanks as well to members who volunteered to help take care of tasks during the event bird-handlers/blank firing – John Bunn, Brett Denton, Leonard Wehking, Jim Wade, and Joe Bailey.
Reach out to me if you’d like higher resolution photos for printing or for the upcoming 2024 calendar submission ..
GSPCI Board / David Hawk
First   1 yo – GSPF – “Star” Handled/Owned by Leonard Wehking
Second  1 yo – GSPF – Jazzy…..Handled/Owned by Jon Bunn
Third    1 yo –  Piper……Handled/Owned by Gary Moen
First    Freedom…..Handled/Owned by Gary Moen
Second    Gunner…..Handled/Owned by Joe Bailey
Third     Jewell…..Handled/Owned by Gary Moen
Fourth    Jutta…..Handled/Owned by Gary Chapman
Fifth     Baker….Handled/Owned by David Hawk
First     GSPM – Diamond…..Handled/Owned by Gary  Moen
Second    GSPM – Baker……Handled/Owned by David hawk
Third       WPGM – Ghillie……Handled/Owned by Vaughn Olson
A tie was declared between GSPM – “Wheeler”/Mason Denton and GSPF – “Star”/Leonard Wehking
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